PPC – AdWords – Bing Ads

It is impossible to underestimate usefulness of Pay-Per-Click advertisings, especially Search Engine Marketing such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Such paid search advertising can deliver high-value targeted traffic usually at quite reasonable price, especially if keyword research and whole setup is done correctly.
Google AdWords and Microsoft/Yahoo Bing Ads are also invaluable market research tools used to direct slower and more long-term marketing efforts. They are excellent A/B testing tools since they deliver practically real time results.
In our integrated business development platform, SEM is crucial element both for driving sales and for market research.
Our approach to AdWords and Bing Ads is to manually optimize to perfection. No algorithm can replace seasoned marketer’s brains (and hunch). This is why we can guarantee you better ad positions with equal or lower cost than you currently have. If this activity is part of our integrated business development platform, this will result in conversions. Period.
Other PPC forms such as AdSense can also provide great value for money but require even more attention to get highly relevant traffic.

Drop us a note and will assess your case for free. Whether you decide to grant us your confidence or decide to reThink a bit more before you reKlick, this assessment will provide you great insight.